• Validate all payroll year to date information and data to be migrated.
  • Determine the information gaps and compile further information, if required.
  • Upload all employee information and year to date payroll data in IHR Flex HR System.
  • Validate and verify all the information and reports.
    Scope out the standard and additional reports required by the Client.
  • Conduct a parallel payroll run & validate the reports & information against Client’s report.
  • Obtain final sign off from the Client.
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Monthly Payroll Outsourcing

  • Identify if IHR has to generate the EA forms for the following year submission.
  • Process monthly salaries.
    Generate standard payroll reports such as summary of the income and deductions report.
  • Generate a detail breakdown of the income report.
  • Generate a detail breakdown of the deductions report.
  • Prepare all the auto debit remittance advice and download for salary payments.
  • Prepare the payroll financial report as required for the financial system.
  • Prepare all Statutory Reports for monthly submission to the statutory bodies.
  • Online Payments to all Statutory Bodies on behalf of the Client.
  • Preparation of the Year-End Borang EA and Borang E for Income Tax submission.
  • Provide latest updates on the statutory changes and implementation.
  • Assist for statutory registration for new set-up of company.

Customer Benefits​

We specialize in handling payroll processes. We stay updated on tax laws, compliance requirements, and industry standards, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of errors.

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  • Our Brochures Download